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I have the flu, dabadee dabadie. . .

Sometimes I wish I could be those naiive little children who believe that you actually can touch the objects that pop out of the screen during a 3D movie.
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me too.
I'm still one of those children....
Consider me enviously green.
aw...don't be
I added you, I hope you don't mind. <3
Of course I don't mind.. but this journal's a little dead. *laughs* The real updates are here: <lj user="theriotgirl> ;)
Here, even: theriotgirl
Oh! I'll add that journal instead. Sorry! :)

Howdy! I noticed your into music and if you are bored you should check out the up-and coming band Slik Willy @ www.slikwilly.net Thank you:)
I created a new community for Jensen Ackles Fans: jensenfans! If you are a fan of Jensen, feel free to join. This is a community for anything Jensen related... fanfic, icons, fanart, graphics, confessions of love, information, etc. Join people!

I'm going to go around to everyone who has him listed as an interest and shamelessly pimp this site!
I found you on an LJ-search....

Have you ever cosplayed Celes?
No, but I always planned to. It just never happened. *le shrug* And just so you know, I've moved here: theriotgirl


March 28 2004, 14:28:57 UTC 14 years ago

Come join this community or at least come check it out.


Note: be sure to read the rules please.
Heyy, I heard you were a fan of Simple Plan. Did you know they're having an awwwesome contest? Check out the link; it's sweet! <3

Come Join _are_you_sex!
If you do apply, please put that i (________june) referred you to this community. Thanks! ♥