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Come out, come out, wherever you are. . .

I kno everyone's been anxiously waiting for me to say something, anything about Summerslam. The truth is, I've been wondering what to say. Pretty much everyone who'll read this knows what happened... eh, but to make a long story short: I met a nice guy who trusted me blindly within the first few hours that I met him and that moved me. It completely moved me. He gave me his ticket because I lost mine (I dropped it somehow in the tickling fiasco.. ^^;), he let me take his cell for the show so that I could call him if I ran into any problems getting to my seat. You don't meet people like that anymore.
Did I mention that he's amazingly cute and a wonderful kisser? Ehe. ^^;; Only down part is that he lives an hour away, in Jersey. We'll se what happens.. we're supposed to get together tomorrow. *shrugs and laughs* Jen, he might bring Steeeeve! :) He should be sober. *fingers crossed*

School in less than a week... let's demonstrate just how not excited I am! *crickets chrip* This year.. five AP courses, no sleep. *grins* Bring it on. I'll make it through the year without burning out.
Next Critical Mass show is on September 8th. I want to go... and I know Philly and Jen are at least semi-interested. Any more takers? By then, maybe the Honda will be painted and sparkly. *laughs* We'll see. For now, it's time for me to go because I ahve a veeeery busy day ahead of me tomorrow.

For the record, Jen needs to call me or beep me sometime before tomorrow's out so I can tell her just what in the blue hell we're doing and when! *smirks* Third wheel time, dearie.

~* Jeshika

SVS420: so I forgive you, Ms. Cockblock
Rose in the Ice: Miss WHAT?
SVS420: lol u never heard of a cockblock?
SVS420: i was trying to get some from Jaime, and you tried to prevent it....therefore you committed the act of "Cockblocking"

SVS420: the day I wear a yamaka is the day I kill myself
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You went to summerslam! I wanted to go, Shawn Michaels is my boy! Him and the tag match that couldn't lose, becasue Lance, Christian, Booker T, Goldust, all rock. And Angle, Mysterio were cool, Flair winning was lame, and the booing of the rock moved me to happiness.

No Hulk Hogan though ;.;
i thought i was supposed to go to that outing with jen too so she wouldnt be all third wheel-y by herself....and werent we supposed to hang out with Paul at some point?
actually, i invited you and jen last week and i told jess last night, that i was having a BBQ today and Jen promised me the day of summerslam that she'd come keep me company. But I guess you forgot so it's no big thing I'll just sit here by myself all day with family I haven't seen since I was 7.