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Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor. . .

Yeah, so I've been busy with work. Sue me. I'll continue to be busy with it until September 16th. *cracks a smile* I finished my AP English assignment on time. I still have to work on my Social Studies, but I'm going to try to drop that class. I had an insightful conversation with my cousin Gail about all the pressures that I'm putting on myself. It's not so much that I'm taking these classes for me; I'mtaking them for my parents, I'm taking them because they look good on a college application. How sad is that? I'm just afraid that dropping down to Honors level will completely mess up my schedule. I guess we'll just ahve to wait and see.
I went to Boston and looked at a few colleges-- Boston University and Northeasteren. I really, really liked Northeastern. They had this awesome Co-op program that I think would be really helpful. Getting out of college with one and a half years of experience in your chosen major/profession is damned cool.
Right before I left, Joe stopped by and we had a nice talk about the past. I'm not amd at him anymore... and I never really hated him. I just hated what he did and how he chose to handle the situation. It's been four years-- people change. *smiles a little* Wow. He's going to college. That'll be me soon. Quite a trip if you think about it.
I don't know if I'm ready for it. Ready for everything. I don't know if I'm ready to go through my senior year and then leave it all behind... though I'll admit that I want to. I hate some of the friendship politics that go on over here. I need to escape, start fresh. One more year. One more freaking year.
Here's to more mistakes concerning trust.

~* Jeshika
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