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Quite the quiet one I am...

I just got back from the Creed concert at Nassau Coliseum. I don't care what little miss Michelle has to say, I think they're all right. *waits for Mick to fling tomatoes her way before continuing* Anyway, because of them I have a new obsession-- 12 Stones. I have to remember to buy the CD when my next paycheck comes in. Oof. Summer Slam is going to take quite a dent out of that...
I really need a new car. Badly. Driving the Camaro isn't bad at all, but it's a pain in the ass when my father won't let me bring it anywhere else. The Maxima's in the shop because it's having some engine trouble... so until then, I have to depend on others for rides to various places. Joy. We all know how much I love that. I've had a few graceful offers from quite a few great individuals... don't you guys think for a second that I'm ungrateful! :)
Recently, Cat and I went to Shoujocon. I think it'd be safe to say that we had fun cosplaying as Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield. That's it, though. From now on, my Claire costume is retired. It will never again see another anime convention. Let's all weep for it, now. *gives it a brief moment of silence before continuing* Well, while we were there, the two of us picked up two new tastes-- 1) Pocky (that strawberry stuff we brought home is still in my freezer, Cat!) and 2) Dance Dance Revolution. I think Ray tried to get us into it years ago, however that was pre-home dance pad. The dance pad is what makes it. I wonder if he remembers that day. *shrugs*
Friday I got to see John and Drew, my Michiganite friends. Finally getting to see them after four or five long years of friendship was priceless... especially eating at the diner and seeing that not so ambiguously gay waiter hitting on John. (I can still remember John's expression-- What the fuck?!) Drew hit his head on that red car playing McGuiver... John licked Jackie's car (long, long story! *cracks up*) and.. Nutsack! These things won't mean anything to you, but years from now, they will to me. *smiles* You really want to know the full story? You know you need but ask. Anyway, they stayed in my garage overnight. I got to make them pancakes the next morning for breakfast before they left. After procrastinating for about an hour and a half, they left, giving me a blue jay feather that Drew kept in his car. I was touched... so much that I cried. Cried because they were leaving, and the chance that I might never get to see them again. I did try to smile, though. What a bittersweet goodbye.
I really should start cracking on my summer assignments. Yeah. The cousins from Seattle come in I think sometime next week. Great. Noses up my mother's ass. -.- *grumbles* They always make me look so bad... oh well. At least they'll keep their paws off of my non-existant car.
I'd write more, but quite frankly I'm a lazy person. Was this enough to satisfy the masses? Probably. I'm still alive. That was this entry's point. Need me? You know where to find me.

* Have to remember to call the school tomorrow about that Peer Leader stuff... Writing it here should help me remember, no? Yes.
~* Jeshika

Edit: I got a 4 on the AP. Joy.
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I've liked 12 Stones for about two months now...one of their songs was a theme song for a WWE PPV. They rawk. Must buy CD. *makes mental note*...speaking of WWE and CD's...FOZZY HAS A NEW CD OUT!!! *squeals* That's it from the peanut gallery...
did you get invited to be a peer leader? do you know of anyone else who did? i know tara and colleen keihm did, but that's about it. congrats on your ap score! you beat the system!!! i definitely have to see your/your dad's camaro that's HOT!!!! nice to see you back again :o) how's cheerleading camp?
Yep, I got invited to be a leader of the peers. *laughs* I accepted the nomination and I'll be helping out at the little welcome ceremony thing. I think that Elissa Stecker got a nomination, along with Bevie. No one else comes to mind.
Thanks for the congrats! :D You, too! A 3 isn't half bad at all!
To see me and the camaro, you'll have to come stalk me at work. That's the ONLY place I'm allowed to drive it! My dad's so paranoid... Cheerleading, on the other hand, is what we'd call interesting. Yes, interesting. x.X
*gets a wistful look in her eyes as she notices the title... le sniffle*
I've been told from a reliable source that their CD is about $10. I'll have to get it come the next paycheck.
*grins* Guess who's going to get free promotional stuff since she's on their street team?