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Wow, haven't taken one of these in awhile...

It's a *gasp* quiz!


Like the beautiful sea mermaids who've swum before you, Siren, you certainly have a way of drawing people in. Whether wooing a crush with your alluring voice or impressing someone with your unique take on the world, you're sure to captivate more than your share of audiences.
It must be the balance between your glittering personality and your individual style that keeps friends and family enamored by your presence. From being able to predict next season's "it" color to pairing leopard print with plaid before it hits the pages of Vogue, people see you as a fashion goddess. You may not want to admit it, but you're part trendsetter and people look to you for direction.
Of course, you know there's more to life than shopping for the latest adorable accessory. You pursue success in all aspects of life-- from offering creative insights at work to running marathons. You have big dreams, Siren, and by keeping them in sharp focus, you're sure to come out a winner.

Remember your Emode.com info? Then you can take the quiz here.

~* Jeshika
"Ooooh, so that's what that song is about!" - Willow Rosenberg on I Touch Myself
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