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I burn for your love so bad. . .

So, yeah. I'm quite aware that it's early as hell and it's about time I had an update. I have about twenty minutes, so let's see what I can get accomplished here. Tonight's Theatre Night. Nervous? You betcha. I'm always nervous-- also, we have a lot to live up to. At this point, this Theatre Night will be the last one that will ever happen. I just hope I remember all my lines, pick up on all my cues... and have at least a few people that I love in the audience to watch. That's probably the most important part, although it's the hardest one to accomplish, too. Everyone has some silly concert to go to tonight-- and I'd probably be going too if it wasn't for Theatre Night. Oh, the sacrifices one must make to be a Drama Queen!
My vacation went well, for those of you who don't know already. There were some creepy moments, like the army guy who was working security at LaGuardia when we left. Mom says he was staring at me, and every time I passed by he said, "Have a nice trip." He didn't do that to anyone else! Dammit, I should've worn something else-- I had my Linkin Park: Projekt Revolution shirt on-- y'know, with the army print? I think that's what attracted him to me in the first place. *laughs* I mean, come on, the first few words that he said to me were, "Nice shirt."
A few days later, at the hotel, there was also this little twelve year old looking at me. I was not impressed, to say the least. I was at least five years his senior! Sorry, hun, but I'm outta your league.
On the bright side, I did meet a Travis Barker from Blink-182 lookalike. He was a nice guy, too! He had all these similarities with Travis-- their first names were the same, his middle name was Brandon (which sounded a lot like the middle name that Travis has, but I'm too lazy to look it up now), and his last name also rhymed. Maybe mom remembers it.. anyway, I wanted to get a picture with him, but by the time I worked up the nerve to ask, he never came back! I have to remember to look him up again at Hard Rock Orlando if I ever find myself back in that neck of the woods-- and I sincerely hope I do because of one certain boy who's song I can't get out of my head.


Yep, that's right, you guessed it-- Chris Gotti. Witness the icon in his honor! *points upwards* I'm thinking of making him a part in my story.. we'll see how the flow goes. We were supposed to meet up over the week, but it didn't work out as we'd planned. The night before I left (Memorial Day), he called around eight and I almost died from the shock. I was starting to doubt that he'd even actually CALL. We tried to make plans to get ice cream, or just so he could stop by and say hi-- but things weren't that simple. At around nine or so he called me back to say that there was a big problem-- he had to meet with his producer (yes, of their album) that night, which was in a city that was forty-five minutes away in the opposite direction. I was quite heartbroken. *smiles a little* Still am, but I'll live... especially if he gets his butt over here sometime soon! Since he has a friend in D.C., he said that maybe we could meet up at a club or something... *laughs* He knows I'm only seventeen, so adult clubs are going to be a little more difficult, but.. eh, I guess the ever popular expression is, "We'll see."
I don't want to wait anymore... it's been three years. I say I've waited long enough, dammit.

~* Jeshika
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May 30 2002, 12:22:58 UTC 15 years ago

Heh. Be patient... Those who wait get what they want.
*smiles* Giles!! You're still alive? Feels like I never see you anymore-- thanks for the words, too. Nice to know someone reads my rambling.


June 3 2002, 12:28:04 UTC 15 years ago

Of course I'm still alive. I just don't have much to say... Heh. Say 'hi' once in awhile. I'm always on as Evil Death Frog on AIM. Anyway, see you around.