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Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there...

I love this song so that it's inspired me to update while I'm in the land of the sun... yep, at this ungodly hour. *snif* I want to sleep in once, dammit! Ah well... we've been through both Universal Studios and the Islands of Adventure-- and you want my honest opinion? Islands of Adventure are much better... especially if you like rollercoasters. Who would've guessed that my daddy despises going upside down? Today we're planning on going to Daytona Beach. Not really excited because I don't know what's there for me there. :( Not Chris. He hasn't called me yet and I e-mailed him last night and he never responded. *le sigh* Aw well, whatcha going to do with a boy who's busier/ god a schedule more demanding than the president's? Yep, just wait and hope he finds the time... otherwise I'm really hoping on coming back down here during the summer. Anyone with me here? Road trip!
So, yes. Today Daytona. Tomorrow, back to Universal and the Isles for shopping for trinkets.
You may all return to your vacationing, now. *smiles* Miss you guys!

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