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One thing, I don't know why it doesn't even matter how hard you try...

P . a . r . t . o . f . y . o . u . r . p . r . o . p . e . r . t . y .

Yes, I'm happy and somewhat relaxed for the first time in a very long time. Now all I really have to worry about are normal finals, like the regents... of course, I'm still going to worry, but only when the time and day comes. For now, I'm just really excited about going down to Florida for the Memorial Day weekend. I'm going to go to Universal Studios, see my astranged family, and maybe even see my sweetie Chris from Gotti 13. It'll be some nice time to take a time out, lots of rest and relaxation.
Before we go, I want to go out and buy the Spiderman soundtrack so that I have something new to listen to on the plane ride there. I don't really need it... I'll be satisfied with listening to my soundtracks from Resident Evil and Queen of the Damned.
I spent the entire day today out with my family. This morning my mother and I went shopping together for the first time in what feels like years. ^^ She bought me lots of new clothes, which is great. I needed new shirts and the like like nobody's business. My favorites have to be the three tops I got from Hot Topic-- two are fairy related and the other is just a cute goth girl. It's so cute! *beams* I can't wait to wear them on vacation.

And yes, for all of you wondering, I did have a lovely dream last night involving the lovely Hayden. *tee hee* Also happened in the flesh too, thanks to a very generous gift of a dear friend of mine. *pets her handsome Hayden* Thank you! *sniff* He's all could ever want and dream of!

~* Jeshika
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