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She took my heart and tore my feelings like I had none!

I find myself sitting here, earnestly trying to get my homework done, but it's just not happening. I guess I've just got the procrastination gene. I have a letter to my congressman, a review of McCue's class, and an English paper to write that I should have done over the weekend, but I was too busy to be bothered with it.
I went with Katy for a drive to Loews and we saw Rob Frey and Mike Cascio in a car with a few other boys. The latter waved. I waved, blushed, then moved as the light turned green so that we could reach our destination. We saw Abandon, that new movie with Katie Homes and saw DanDan and Justin outside the theatre as we were exiting. Only god knows what those boys were doing in our neck of the woods. I said my hellos with an honestly shocked expression on my face, half of my being jumping for joy; the other bracing itself, just waiting for the dogs to be let loose. I don't like being surprised by people that I have a less than stellar past with. Oddly enough, Dan was the first to notice me. He smiled, I gave him a hug. At least, I think I did. Some of that night is blurry. To make an utterly long and boring story short, somehow I got him to admit that he was a dick and he gave it to me in writing. If you want to see the proof, ask tomorrow. Or the day after. It brings a smile to my face.
Saturday was slow. Everyone was busy, too busy to go shopping with me for a Halloween costume. I settled for seeing Steeeeeve at Friendly's. We I had dinner and Steve had a coke and a milkshake. Weirdo. He also got a little too frisky, so I slapped him a few times. he was shocked that I actually did it. Hey, I warned him. Sometimes boys need a reminder that something is just NOT funny, no matter how hard they're laughing.
Sunday I went to the Breast Cancer Walk at Jones Beach. Remind me sometime that waking up at seven to be at the beach to start walking at eight is not a happy thing to do. It should really be made illegal. I really need to get more sleep, but there's never enough time in the day. As a testament to that, I guarentee that I'll still be working on my AP homework until about eleven or twelve tonight. I hate writing essays. I feel like the words never come out quite the way I want to express them, kind of like my ideas are being surpressed. Maybe that's why I have to spend so much time doing them and then checking them over again, even though I know that no matter what I do, I'll never be satisfied with how it came out. As is the life of a perfectionist.
More stuff on Sunday was that I went shopping with Cathy. I love that girl; we got semi-matching Halloween costumes. I got these really awesome black feather wings and she got red ones, along with some really cool clothes from Hot Topic. I'm going to be the anti-angel... or the atypical angel, as I like to say. This should be fun, to show off my darker side. I really think that people have no way of understanding my multi-faceted personality. God, I sound like a hair commercial.
Sometimes I wonder if anyone else really reads my ramblings. No one comments, not even on that really weird entry I wrote yesterday. Hrm.

~* Jeshika
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I enjoy your ramblings. :)
:o) I love you, Katy. You know just when to hit a gal up with comments. <3

You have lovely ramblings yourself, you know.
At least your weekend was more eventful than a day of work and a night of trying to steal Walker Street... literally. It's always nice to read LiveJournal, especially friends I met online... real life friends, too, but then again, some people don't update that often? At least you're finishing your essay. Looks like mine will be in school. Better to be a perfectionist than a protagonist.
I mean procrastinist. It's too early for me :(
;) I knew what you meant. Next time I'd rather you sleep! *laughs* I love the commenty-ness. Thank you.
I'd comment but I'm lazy ;p
hey speaking fo running into Critical Mass boyness i ran into And at the gym and we both had this "woah...." look on our faces lol it was pretty priceless. (he was wearing that 7 11/420 shirt)
The Savior reads, and though I should ignore the comment for pity posts (hehehe jk) I will oblige thee. Don't let the now 7 comments get to your overdramatic head heh
the end, heathan!
Wow. They like me, they really like me!! *shines and glows*

... and Jesus Christ, Tom, you're not Jesus Christ!!
"... and Jesus Christ, Tom, You're not Jesus Christ!!". ok make up your mind...Jesus...your not jesus...aahhhh confusin man. just accept the light...MY LIGHT!! and face the facts... I am your Savior...if you want it or not. May I have mercy on your soul...
I finally get to read the comment! Wow. ;) Talk about coinkidinks.
Hi Jess!! It's been a while right? I randomly clicked on your livejournal and I read a bit and felt a need to bring myself out of obscurity just to tell you that you've really surprised me. There's something very special about the way you write, it rings of truth and simple maturity. I wouldn't worry about those "childish gestures" you seemed to be worried about- you've just shown me how complex and interesting you are (not that I ever doubted it) and if they exist, they make you uniquely beautifully singularly you and you should be proud proud proud. I once read recently something along the lines of "those who matter won't mind and those who mind won't matter," and I try to remind myself of that A LOT. Am I making any sense? I should make sure I've been awake for more than twenty minutes before I try to do this next time. Anyway, I hope things are all well and good and I hope to talk to you soon!!