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Neglecting her LJ...

So, what else is new? Yes, I'm just quite the little bad one here, now aren't I? Actually, I've just been really busy with work and the like-- I just started at the beginning of this week, and my hours have been crazy. Yep, this gal works at Forest City Park, near the pool for the time being. If you're bored and need something to do, please come down to stalk me! I'd love to be able to sell you passes and stuff... and introduce you to my working friends.
It's really a lot better than my job was last year... I get paid less, but the working environment is much more comfortable/flexible. If I need a day off, I just tell them and they let me go. Just like that. Of course, I don't get paid for them, but I wasn't expecting to, either. The last few days at the park have been almost unbearable-- it's so freaking hot, just sitting there! We all get so sweaty and disgusting... bleh. At least we all understand that it's not our fault we're sweating! *laughs* I'm wearing my bathing suit underneath my uniform tomorrow so that I can go take a quick dip when times get slow. I'd ask them about giving Jen a job, but I think we have too many workers as it is... sometimes, just so we look busy, our superiors send the boys out on "walks" or in the big yellow park truck. *laughs* The last time my friend Chris had to take a walk, he wound up in his car with the air conditioner on high. Lucky, lucky, lucky. Did I mention that he took Driver's Ed with me last summer? He was in my lecture class.
Well, tomorrow my hours are 11-7, so I guess I should be skipping off. Today with the wedding and everything (my cousin Joey got hitched!), I've had a very, very long day. There were some grand reunions with cousins of years passed... and sorry to say there weren't any cute unrelated guys around at the party, although there was a nice looking waiter. I smiled at him, but that's pretty much it. Oof. I think I need a nice, looooong night's sleep before I get to work tomorrow, otherwise yours truly will be a zombie. Hope everyone had a kick-ass July 4th, despite the news of the shooting at LAX.

Remind me that next time I have a funny story to post about work. I'd go into it now, but I really want to post this before the 4th of July has passed! G'nite, godspeed... and I think I have Saturday off. Who wants to see me? *sniffle* My parents might force me to go to some party upstate with them, but it all depends on when I'm supposed to be working on Sunday.

~* Jeshika
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